Social Catering


On the day when everything has to be perfect and when stress and emotions run high, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your guests will enjoy your food,  With October Catering, worrying won't even be on your agenda.  This is where experience and poise come into play; we know how to pre-plan for even the most elaborate events and our decades of experience will allow us to handle any situation that may arise.  And, because October Catering is a husband and wife team, no one knows better everything that goes into planning a wedding...we even catered our own! 

We're also fortunate enough to work exclusively with one of the most sought-after cake artists in the area, Ms. Ionda Duncan and we'd be happy to arrange for a cake tasting during the menu tasting meeting if you so desire.  You can click here to view a gallery and more information about Ionda's exquisite cake work!

October Catering also enthusiastically recommends Kyle Scharf Photography.  Like all inherently talented artists, Kyle has the ability to capture the engaging and enchanting moments of life's events with a clarity and focus that will result in a gallery of beautifully captured memories.  Kyle's site can be viewed here.

Casual Functions

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, reunions or whatever the happy occasion might be, we can put together a menu that's sure to please the whole gang.  We recommend buffets for these types of events as it allows guests to dine at their own pace and encourages mingling and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Take a look at our suggested menus and see which might work best for you and remember, substitutions are always welcome and if you'd prefer a totally custom menu, we can do that too at no additional menu-planning charge!

Family Friendly Events

When a good part of your crowd are teens and kids, the menu should include items that are appealing to all age groups; options that are recognizable and familiar, yet elevated and special!  With these events, we pay special attention to creating items that are easy to handle, not super-messy and if there are any selections that have intense flavors, we make sure they're clearly labeled.  And remember, we're happy to accommodate children (and adults!) with food allergies, just let us know prior to the event so we can make sure we have everything we need to create selections that are equally as fun and delicious as the rest of the menu.

Click here to see our suggested menus or here to see our boxed lunch menu.