Our Story

October Catering and the Ravenous Rhino Food Truck are owned and operated by husband and wife team, Brian O'Flaherty and Lee Caglioti-O'Flaherty.  Between the two of us, we're talking about more than fifty years of experience in the food service and restaurant industries and all of that experience has been back-of-the-house. 

Neither of us ever went to culinary school, we came up the hard way, through the ranks in various kitchens, holding every position along the way.... from dishwasher to prep cook to line cook to sous chef, department chef, kitchen manager and executive chef.  During our career travels, in 1987, our paths converged and the rest, as they say, is history. (And actually, that's a whole story in itself and if you're a sucker for a romantic story, be sure to ask us about it.)

Being seasoned professionals, we have an exceptional understanding of every aspect of food preparation and presentation and that same level of experience also affords us the ability to handle any catering situation with skill and grace.  We're genuinely passionate about providing fantastic service and we really, really love food.  We're always experimenting and developing new recipes and with the Ravenous Rhino, we showcase those new inventions often!

Oh, and a lot of people ask us why we chose the name 'October Catering' (and then they give us a hard time and ask if we cater during the other eleven months which, of course, we do).  We chose the name because October is a special month to us; both of our birthdays as well as our wedding anniversary all fall in the month of October and it didn't hurt that we're also huge fans of Halloween.

So why pick us over the other qualified catering companies?  Well, we can pretty much guarantee we'll be the easiest to work with, the most approachable and the most flexible but beyond that of course, is the food!  We just love what we do and it really comes through in what we prepare. We love to feed people and we love to see that 'look' when they take the first bite of something we've made.  It never gets old and we never take it for granted.  It's not a job or a paycheck or a chore to us, it's a true labor of love and we can't imagine doing anything else.