For Foodies

We know how it is.  Words like 'braised pork belly' and 'Vidalia onion, apricot & bacon jam' make your ears perk up.  You have your DVR set to record every episode of Top Chef, Chopped and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  You understand that no, you cannot substitute candy-aisle chocolate for 80% dark when making a really good ganache.   You, my friend, are a foodie.  And we love you.

We understand that our little corner of the world might not be ready for encapsulated salad dressings that burst in your mouth or that we may never see more than one brand of mascarpone available at the local grocery store but no matter, we have what you need.

If you're an adventurous soul with the need to explore the unusual, the farm-to-table, the truly exquisite, then give us a call and ask us about Pandora's Table.  It's our own version of the underground supper club and it can happen right in your home.  Seating is limited to sixteen guests, menus are seasonal and predominately chef's choice although we welcome suggestions if you have something in particular in mind. 

It'll be a culinary experience you won't ever forget.

PS: Just for the record, we think even foodie-food is supposed to be fun and not pretentious.  Seven artfully arranged micro greens do not constitute a salad, foam is completely unappealing and plate-painting and doing the exaggerated sauce 'smear' is a trend that needs to go away.  Sauce dots are nice though; we like dots.