How do I get started?
- Poke around our site for a bit, check out the suggested menus, read a little about what we do and where we provide service and when you're ready, either give us a call at 941-467-2802 or drop us a line.  We're always happy to chat with you and we'd be glad to set up a face-to-face meeting if you so desire.  There are some basic questions we'll ask during the initial conversation so having an idea about at least of few of the following will go a long way in getting things started:
-Type of Event?
-Number of Guests?
-Date of Event?
-Duration of Event?
-Name/Location/Type of Venue?
-Thoughts on Food Style?

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Do you offer tastings?  - Sure!  While we can't create one of everything off all of our menus, we're happy to provide samples of two or three of the dishes in which you have the most interest and for no more than three people for a flat fee of $50.  This fee covers the cost of product, transport and the time required to prepare your selections. If you require additional selections or have a larger group, please let us know and we can advise the cost for your particular needs.

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Can you do themed menus?  - We can and we LOVE doing them!  We'll do any holiday party or themed event and we'll make the presentation AND the food match!

How much advance notice do you need?  - The more the better, of course but for events of 50 guests or more, we prefer at least 30 days notice.  However, we will always try to accommodate even short-notice events.  If you're in a pinch, you can always call us and we'll do our best to come to the rescue. And remember, if you need a super-fast solution, we can usually 'deploy' the Ravenous Rhino Food Truck with 24 hours notice or in some circumstances, if we're already out in the community that day, you might be able to get us immediately!

What if my date changes?  - The sooner we know, the better.  Pushing a date back usually isn't a problem unless we're already booked for the alternate date but moving a date up can present an issue. 

What is your cancellation policy?  - If your event is cancelled within 48 hours of signing the contract, there is no charge and your deposit will be refunded less a $25 flat paperwork fee.  If your event is cancelled more than one week prior to the event date, your deposit will be forfeited. (The deposit is 50% of your total invoice and is due at the contract signing.)  If your event is cancelled one week or less prior to your event, the entire amount of the contract will be due as food and supplies would already have been purchased and in varying stages of preparation at that point.

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When is payment due?  - 50% of the total is due upon signing the contract.  30% is due ten days prior to the event date and the remainder is due on the day of the event, preferably prior to service.

What does the catering fee include?  - All of the menu planning, cost of food and supplies, all necessary serving equipment such as chafing dishes, platters, serving ware, administrative fees, fuel surcharges, set-up, breakdown and clean-up of areas use by our catering team.  If your event requires a chef's carving station, food runners, specialty cakes or other specifics, those will be outlined and included in your personalized contract.


All pricing is based on a 25 person minimum.

All pricing includes: buffet service, all needed serving equipment and utensils, table covers for the buffet tables, high end disposable dinner ware & utensils. 

If china and glass are required, the minimum per person cost is $5 and includes a multi-course setting and glassware.

If serving staff is needed, either for plated service or for general floor service, the minimum additional per person cost is $6.

If soft beverage service is required, the per person cost is $3 and includes ice, sodas, iced tea, hot tea, coffee and bottled water.  High end disposable drink ware is also included.

Is a gratuity included?  - No and we would never presume to expect one.  We don't have a 'no tipping' policy and of course we'd be flattered if you chose to offer a gratuity but we would never incorporate it into your bill.

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Do you offer sit-down event service?  -  Absolutely!  We do recommend that if seated service is preferred that you consider the size and amenities of the kitchen at your venue.  In fact, we'd be happy to meet with you and tour any facility you're considering (or, we may already know as we've worked at most of the available kitchens in the area).  A plated service requires coordination with service staff which can be arranged either by you or by us.  Plated service menus are usually more costly and more involved than buffet service and we do ask no less than 30 days notice for this type of event.  For estimation purposes, you can figure roughly 20% over the menu costs listed in our suggested menus.

Can I keep the leftovers?  - Well, yes & no.  If you want the option to keep the leftovers, it will be included in your contract and you'll be required to sign a waiver of liability that absolves us of any responsibility of safe food handling after our part of the service is complete.  We have never encountered an actual issue but legally, we can only be responsible for the safety of the food while we are in service to you.  If you choose to keep the leftovers, we may still opt to remove some food items if we feel they may become unsafe after our departure. There are several more details to discuss should you choose to keep the leftovers and we can go over those with you when we chat.

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Do you offer bar service?  - No, we are not licensed to provide liquor or beer & wine service but we can coordinate to provide a professional bartender.  Typical rate for a bartender is $50 per hour with a four hour minimum.

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Can you work with dietary preferences or restrictions? - Yes, of course!  Whether it is a lifestyle choice or a medical need, we can make a full menu within your requirements or simply provide for individual guests with special dietary needs.  If we're providing individual meals beyond the selected menu, we do ask that you let us know the number of selections and the type of restrictions at least two weeks prior to the event.  It is important to note that if the restrictions are allergen related, a waiver must be signed during the initial contract set-up.  We take allergy issues very seriously and will prepare food for those guests with the utmost care and caution but because other food being served may be allergy inducing, we cannot be responsible for any issues that may arise.  While we have complete control over the products while they are in the kitchen area, once service has commenced and guests are handling serving ware at the buffet, we no longer have that control.

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Can you provide linens, tables & chairs and decor?  - Yes, absolutely!  Just let us know what aspects of the event you'd like us to handle and we'll be happy to supply, set-up, decorate and break-down.

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Can you provide the wedding cake?  - We sure can!  We work exclusively with Ionda Mallard Duncan, a classically trained pastry chef with a true passion and great sense of style and whimsy.  We can include Ionda in our initial meeting and she's happy to schedule a tasting as well.

Do you offer delivery/drop-off service?   - Yes!  For events at home or the office, we can do boxed lunches, party platters, heat & eat meals and a variety of other menu items.  Just give us a call or drop us a line to discuss.

Do you provide event insurance?   - No, we are not able to provide event insurance but we do strongly recommend it, particularly for weddings.  Most insurance providers can quote a policy for you and there are websites devoted specifically to this type of insurance as well. 

Do you do in-home catering?  - We sure do!  As caterers or personal chefs, the goal is the same... to provide wonderful, memorable food and create a delightful culinary experience for you and your guests.  We can do dinner parties, luncheons, family events or even do pre-prepped meals for the week with once-a-week drop-off service.  If you're extra-adventurous, we'd encourage you to ask us about Pandora's Table which is our version of the underground supper club.

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How flexible are you on menus and pricing?  - In a word? Extremely.  We believe that every event is unique and no matter the budget, we want to create the best possible dining experience for you and your guests.  We can swap items, create new items, add-on, pare-back, whatever your particular event needs, we'll adjust our menu accordingly and always remain reasonably priced.  There are no substitution charges for like-priced items, there are no 'menu-change' fees and if you choose to substitute an item on the menu with one from a more economical menu, we'll actually lower the cost of your overall menu accordingly.  We'll likely be the most down-to-earth (yet awesome!) caterers you'll ever work with.